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10 vol | Oxy Cream Developer with Glycerin | OYSTER | SHSalons.com
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10 vol | Oxy Cream Developer with Glycerin


Perlacolor, Purity and Oyster Bleacy work optimally when paired with Oxy Cream Developers. These oxydizing agents are odorless with a creamy texture, which does not drip. Perfect for bowl and brush applications. 

Oxy Cream is also available with glycerin for added condition­ing benefits and extra shine.

Oxydizing Emulsion with Glycerin Oxy Cream también esta disponible con glicerina para obtener beneficios adicionales de acondicionamiento y extra brillo.

Oxycream 10

  • For blending


Warning: This product is intended for professional use only. We advise you not to buy this product unless it is to be applied by a licensed profesional stylist. It can cause serious injury to scalp and damage hair if applied incorrectly.