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Crystal Clear

Have a colorful imagination? Looking for more pastel shades? Make your dream a reality with Crystal Clear, a shade that's clear in color and was formulated to dilute any strong pigments making it lighter in color. Mix Crystal Clear with any SPARKS color to create any pastel shade imaginable!



1) Before applying SPARKS, hair must be freshly shampooed and thoroughly dried.
2) Do not mix SPARKS with any developer or peroxide. Apply the desired color directly to the hair.
3) Process for 20 minutes at room temperature.
4) Thoroughly shampoo and rinse from the hair until the rinse water runs clear.



Depending on condition, porosity and texture of the hair, naturally light and/or tinted hair may hold SPARKS shades for a longer period. It is recommended that you give a patch test* one day before applying. Discard any left-over mixture.

*PATCH TEST - Apply a small amount of SPARKS hair color on the inside of your elbow. Let it remain for 24 hours. If any burning, itching or irritation occurs, do not apply the hair color. If no abnormal reaction is experienced, then you are ready to start coloring your hair with SPARKS.



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