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Dark Brown Hair Color Shampoo 3 in 1 | 400ml | Herbal Ingredients | Instant 100% Grey Hair Coverage | MEZXU

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Enhance your hair with a premium tint that stands out!

This revolutionary hair color shampoo with natural ingredients such as, Argan Oil, Ginger, Keratin, Ginseng and Polygonum Multiflorum to strengthen and treat your hair, eliminates your fear of using carcinogenic products on your hair. It's quick and easy application instantly colors your hair in minutes.

MEZXU also nourishes, protects and repairs your hair for a healthy, shiny finish. But that's not all ! The natural plant extracts found in the hair color shampoo also protect your scalp from drying to prevent dandruff. Choose from a variety of available colors and use it at the convenience of your own home. Time to say goodbye to your aging, dull hair and welcome back!

Some persons are allergic to hair dyes, so please do an allergy test by applying some dye on the tip of the ear. Feel free to use if no red rashes within 24 hours.

How to use:

1. Wet your hair thoroughly and wipe off.
2. Put on gloves provided (otherwise nails will be dyed although that doesn't
affect health.)
3. Press out two separate cream completely into a small container and mix it evenly.
4. Apply the shampoo and massage 5 minutes to the hair roots and leave for
15-25 minutes. (Longer time the color adhere better.)
5. Rinse hair thoroughly with clean water.