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Disposable Face Masks | Black | 50 PCS | 5 x 10-Packs

Disposable Face Masks | Black | 50 PCS | 5 x 10-Packs

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This disposable filtering mask is intended for infection control practices. When properly worn, it can reduce potential contact by the wearer to blood and bodily

4-layers for protection, latex free elastic ear loop, 100% fiberglass free
and super easy to pack for convenience and travel.

Perfect for offices, enclosed areas, protects from airborn particles or any other areas where protection might be needed such as airports, public transportation, public places etc.

1. Bend the metal nose piece on the top of the edge of the mask for nose positioning. Then hold one elastic band in each hand and place one loop of elastic over each ear so that the covers both the nose and the mouth. Form the nose piece over the bridge of your nose for security.
2. Now gently pull the bottom of the mask down so that it fits over your mouth and chin.
3. Check for perfect fit by inhaling to see if the mask is in the correct position. Re-adjust if necessary.

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