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Prego Round Brush | 3.5 inch | #277 | Spornette

Prego Round Brush | 3.5 inch | #277 | Spornette

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Ceramic Vented Barrel

Say goodbye to frizz and kink! Do twice the work in less time.

  • The medium tourmaline ceramic vented barrel maximizes the drying area while transferring heat to set hair faster.

  • Shortening the drying time with negatively charged ions and reduces your hair’s exposure to heat helping to avoid damage.


Foam Grip Handle

  • The Spornette Prego Round hairbrush has a lightweight yet sturdy black handle.

  • Its comfortable grip and 10-inch ergonomic handle help prevent muscle fatigue and strain during styling.


Nylon Nano-Silver Ionic Bristles

  • Reduce static and lock in moisture, promoting shiny, healthy hair.

  • Heat conduction from this ceramic hairbrush also polishes the hair shaft, for a silky finish.

  • Additives in the bristles and ceramic barrel emit ions when used with a blow dryer.

  • The ions break up water molecules so the smaller molecules can be easily absorbed into hair strands, reducing dryness and permitting the strands to be soft and stretchable.

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