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Macvoil Anti-Aging Products for Hair

There are many anti-aging products for skin, but little thought is usually given to hair protection. Macvoil has addressed that need with a new line of anti-aging products for hair care that repairs and nourishes damaged locks.

Hair is constantly bombarded with environmental pollutants that strip it of essential ingredients needed to stay healthy. Over styling is also damaging to hair and can leave it dry, frizzy and unmanageable. Macvoil anti-aging hair care products rejuvenate, while fostering healthy new growth from the roots outward. The nourishment contained within the company’s products replenishes oils, vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients that daily life strips away.

Macvoil’s of anti-aging products begin with a rejuvenating shampoo formula to reverse hair damage and return it to the peak of perfection. It’s safe for all hair types, even hair that’s been colored, and contains no sulfates, phosphates or parabens. The firm’s proprietary formula includes anti-aging ingredients from around the world to nourish follicles and encourage healthy hair growth.

Users can follow the cleansing process with an application of the firm’s anti-aging conditioner. Designed to restore damaged hair cuticles to health, it also nourishes follicles where hair growth begins. Containing a wealth of anti-aging ingredients that include Moroccan, macadamia and cypress oils, Macvoil’s Anti-Aging conditioner invigorates hair for lustrous locks that are silky smooth and easy to manage.

Macvoil molding cream is ideal for creating long lasting sculpted looks and providing superior protection from the sun. The formula creates texture and allows for easy styling and finishing for a wide array of hairstyles. Those will straight or curly hair will benefit from the rich formula of essential oils, organic botanicals and vitamins.

For those who require extra hold with their styles, Macvoil created its ultra hold spray for maximum control. Macvoil Ultra Hold Spray resists humidity and protects hair from sun damage. The firm’s Therma-A Complex is activated by heat, making it an ideal solution for use with blow dryers. It’s water-soluble and washes out easily in the shower.

MacVoil is a green company that uses proprietary formulas of organically grown botanical ingredients designed to fight the anti-aging process. All products are 100 percent recyclable and easy on the environment. Animals are never used in product testing. MacVoil products are vegan friendly and contain no animal byproducts.

The new line of anti-aging products by Macvoil allows users to repair damaged hair and prevent further harm from taking place. All the firm’s anti-aging products are gentle on hair and suitable for use with all hair types and styles.


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