Collection: IROIRO

Organic Coconut Oil + Quinoa Protein

Quinoa Protein forms a protective barrier to protect the hair from environmental stresses, retains moisture in the hair, and provides nutrients to the hair.

100% Vegan & Cruelty Free 100% vegan means no animal ingredients are used in the product. However, it does not mean free of synthetic and toxic petrol chemicals. Of course iroiro is free of harsh chemicals.

First and only vivid semi-permanent hair colors based on natural ingredients. Iroiro hair colors are never tested on animals. We tested only on our friends and family :)

Truly No Harsh Chemicals Iroiro hair colors are FREE of following synthetic & harsh petrol based chemicals:

PEGs / Paraben / Methylisothiazolinone /Methylchloroisothiazolinone /Synthetic fragrances / Peroxide / Ammonia / PPD / Alcohol

DIRECTIONS: For best results, lighten hair prior to coloring. (Use Iroiro hair color only as directed) 

  1. Shampoo (no conditioner) and dry hair.  
  2. Apply protective cream to hairline on ears to prevent staining.  
  3. Remove the pouch cap.  
  4. Wear protective gloves, and squeeze the desired amount into a bowl.  
  5. Apply color evenly while still wearing protective gloves.  
  6. Leave color in hair for 30 minutes or longer. (For best results, cover hair with plastic cap, process with heat, and blow dry for 15 minutes.)  
  7. Rinse hair in cold water away from the face. Color will fade with each wash. Color may last longer depending on the type, condition, and porosity of hair.
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