About Us

Frank Tavakoli is a revolutionary leader in the hair care industry. He has been traveling the globe for over thirty years to acquire the most exquisite knowledge on not only salon services but on products as well. His contacts around the globe have enabled him to bring the most cutting edge information back home to his salons in the states.
SH Salons was created on the belief that a hair salon, or in this case a collection of fine salons, are not only a part of the hair care industry, but are also a part of the fashion industry. In the world of fashion, there’s an evolution of constant change almost daily and it is SH Salons’ responsibility to provide the public with the most knowledgeable stylists that are up-to-date on all the new trends and services. We have a forward thinking attitude and what we think is great about fashion is that it represents absolute freedom of expression.
SH Salons refuses to be considered a chain as we provide each and every one of our salons with the utmost attention and detail. Our collection of fine salons only uses the highest quality products at the most popular prices. We believe that we have an environmental responsibility to provide consumer with products that do not contain harmful substances such as sodium hydroxide, parabens, waxes, fillers, cocamide MEA, PEGs, gluten, phthalates or sulfates.