Collection: Nanothermic Contour Vent

NanoThermic Vent Collection by Olivia Garden

Impeccably designed, the Olivia Garden NanoThermic Contour Vented Hair Brush helps you style your hair like a pro. The unique contoured shape and top-quality materials of this hair brush give your tresses a sleek, long-lasting finish. Plus, its vented ceramic barrel provides better airflow and heat retention which cuts down drying time, allowing you to attain your ideal hair style in less time. Our one-of-a-kind vented hair brush also features tourmaline ion technology to keep your hair healthy no matter how many times you blow it out and style it. This brush is finished with a combination of 100% boar and ionic ball-tip bristles to prevent pulls and snags, maintaining your smooth, shiny hair style all day.

Nanothermic Contour Vent - SH Salons