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Color Key | Metal | SNSTUBE5 | SOFT N STYLE

Color Key | Metal | SNSTUBE5 | SOFT N STYLE

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The Soft 'N Style Metal Tube Squeezer Roller Color Key is a tool designed to help efficiently squeeze out the contents of metal tubes, such as hair dye, paint, or other similar products. Here's how it typically works:

  1. Insertion: The metal tube is inserted into the slot of the roller color key.

  2. Rolling: By rolling the key along the length of the tube, it applies pressure evenly from the bottom up, gradually pushing the contents towards the nozzle.

  3. Squeezing: As the key is rolled, it compresses the tube, effectively squeezing out every last drop of product.

Overall, this tool helps to minimize waste by ensuring that users can extract the maximum amount of product from metal tubes, saving both money and resources. It's a handy accessory for professionals and DIY enthusiasts who regularly use products that come in metal tubes.



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