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Hard Wax Beans | Golden Rush | NUDE U

Hard Wax Beans | Golden Rush | NUDE U

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Directions: Pour wax beads into the wax warmer of your choice, set heat to medium, and wait approximately 30 minutes. Do not melt wax completely. Wax should soften around the sides but have a thick consistency with a center of non-melted wax. To test, dip an applicator into the wax - if it runs off it is too hot – wax should cling to the applicator.

To use on clients: cleanse the skin with Pre-Wax Cleanser, using a new applicator each time it is dipped into the wax, apply a generous amount of hard wax in the opposite direction of hair growth, and then back in the direction of hair growth in order to encapsulate the hair. (For a better grip to remove wax, leave a thicker edge of wax during application.) Allow wax to cool on skin until it hardens. Then raise the thicker edge of the end of the applied strip and remove quickly, pulling against the direction of the hair growth. After hair removal, apply post-wax oil or cream to remove residue and/or soothe the skin.

Caution: For external use only. There is a risk of burn if wax is too hot, so always test on the skin before use. For professional use only.

Ingredients: Colophonium(Rosin), Cera Alba(White Beeswax), Glyceryl Hydrogenated Rosinate,Paraffin Petrolatum, Candelilla(Wax) Cera, Camphor, Paraffinum Liquidum(Mineral Oil), Guaiazulene, Zea Mays (Corn Oil) BHA, BHT.Mica

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