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HT-1060 | Hooded Conditioning Hair Dryer | 1350 watts | Barber and Stylist Hair Salon Accessories | HOTLINE BEAUTY

HT-1060 | Hooded Conditioning Hair Dryer | 1350 watts | Barber and Stylist Hair Salon Accessories | HOTLINE BEAUTY

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The product offers automatic temperature control with even and soft wind, contributing to better results for warming evening hairstyles, conditioned hair, hair drying, and pigmentation care. It features a very quiet 1350-watt hooded hair dryer that serves as a salon conditioning hair dryer.

Key Features:

  • Very Quiet Operation: 1350-watt hooded hair dryer ideal for salon conditioning.
  • Adjustable Hood: The hood has a 12" diameter and can be raised an additional 8" to accommodate tall clients.
  • Compact and Mobile: Dryer body dimensions are 12"W x 6.5"D x 25"H, with an additional 4" provided by the wheels kit.
  • Versatile Usage: Can be used in your existing dryer chair or with the included FREE Wheel & Handle Kit.
  • Auto-Shutoff Timer: 60-minute auto-shutoff timer with adjustable temperature ranging from 32° to 162° F.


  1. Setup:

    • Remove the machine and accessories from the carton.
    • Stand the main body on the floor.
    • Move the Straight Pipe D to the side of the main body, turn it at an 85° angle, and insert it into the Straight Pipe 2.
    • Insert the helmet into the main body to complete the installation.
  2. Adjustments:

    • The height of Straight Pipe D can be adjusted.
    • Straight Pipe @ can be moved to the front or back.
    • Curve Pipe can be adjusted to a front position.
  3. Usage:

    • Ensure the local voltage matches the appliance voltage before use. Connect the appliance to the electricity supply.
    • Turn the timer switch and power switch on. The temperature ranges from normal to 70°C and can be adjusted by the user.


  1. Avoid using the appliance in conditions of direct sunlight, high temperature, and humidity.
  2. Keep the appliance away from flammable items.
  3. The unit has been thoroughly tested and inspected for safety. If you encounter any failures, have a professional electrician repair the unit using identical parts.
  4. Use the appliance correctly according to the instructions. The company is not responsible for failures or problems caused by improper use.
  5. To extend the appliance's lifespan, stop using it for 30 minutes after every 60 minutes of operation.
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