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Intense Eyelash & Brow | Dark Brown | Professional Tint Kit | NUDE U

Intense Eyelash & Brow | Dark Brown | Professional Tint Kit | NUDE U

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1- Tube of Nude Intense Eyelash & Brow Tint (30ml/1 fl.oz)
1- Bottle of 1% Sensilive Creme Developer (30ml/1 fl.oz)
(Will provide approximately 30 applications)

Application Kit:
1- Reusable Tint Brush
1- Mixing Bowl (not meant for measuring)
1- Mixing Paddle
2- Disposable Gloves
6- Disposable Mascara Wands
5- Disposable Cotton-Tipped Makeup Applicators
10- Disposable Micro-Lash Tint Wands

1. Put on gloves and then mix equal parts NudeU Intense Eyelash & Brow Tint with NudeU Sensitive Creme Developer until the consistency is a creamy paste. (Make sure consistency is not runny or drippy.)

2. Cleanse eyelashes and eyebrows thoroughly with Nude Makeup Remover/Pre-Wax Cleanser. Lashes and brows should be free of oil and makeup. Allow to dry.

3. Apply a thick layer of barrier cream or protective paper under the lower eyelid to prevent the tint from staining the skin.

4. Using a tint brush, apply cream tint to lower lashes first on both eyes. Make sure the tint covers lashes, from base to tip. When lower lashes are completed, instruct the client to close his/her eyes until the application and removal process are completed.

5. Apply tint to upper lashes from base to tip.

6. When applying to eyebrows, make sure eyebrow hair is completely covered, but do not press the color into the skin.

7. If any tint gets on the face, remove it as soon as possible with warm soap and water.

8. Developing time will differ depending on the texture, coarseness, and color of the client's hair, but the average processing time 10-20 minutes. we recommend that you check the color every 5 minutes. If the lashes and/or brows are not dark enough, re-apply and allow them to continue processing until the desired color is achieved. (If the hair becomes too dark, you will be unable to lighten it, but the color will wear-off over time.)

9. Remove protective pads from under-eye area.

10. While your client's eyes are closed, use a dampened cotton round with warm water to remove product until no residue is visible. Hold tissue near eye area to capture any excess water.


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