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Niospray Strong Hold Hairspray | NIOXIN

Niospray Strong Hold Hairspray | NIOXIN

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Don't let humidity ruin your looks; use Nioxin NioSpray Strong Hold Hairspray. This firm finishing spray has extra hold for longer-lasting looks.

Size: 10.6 oz

Nioxin NioSpray Strong Hold Hairspray delivers long-lasting hold for men's and women's styles. This firm finishing spray laughs in the face of humidity, for hairstyles that don't end up frizzing and wigging out. Formulated with peppermint oil and wild mint leaf oil, the finishing spray keeps your hair looking smooth in up to 85% relative humidity for a whole 24 hours. Medium to coarse hair types are left with longer-lasting looks that still feel clean without leaving strands crunchy.

- Protects hair from humidity
- Provides long-lasting hold
- Delivers firm holding power
- Doesn't leave hair feeling crunchy
- Made with peppermint and wild mint leaf oils

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