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NT-CVT | Tunnel | Nanothermic Contour Vent | Combo Hair Brush | OLIVIA GARDEN

NT-CVT | Tunnel | Nanothermic Contour Vent | Combo Hair Brush | OLIVIA GARDEN

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Contoured Vented Barrel for Professional Styling
Straighten, curl or add volume to your hair like a pro with the Olivia Garden NanoThermic Contour Vented Hair Brush. This unique curved hair brush is designed with an hourglass shape that gets close to the scalp, giving your hair a smooth, long-lasting finish that will turn heads. The vented barrel provides better airflow that cuts down drying time, making it easier to get ready for work or play. This vent brush also comes with a retractable sectioning pick that helps you style your hair like an expert, quickly and easily.

Features an Anti-Slip Rubber Handle
This vented hair brush features an anti-slip rubber handle to help you keep a tight grip while styling your hair. Even if your hands are wet or slippery from styling product, this latex-free rubber handle ensures that the hair brush will not slip out of your hand

Combines Ionic and 100% Boar Bristles with Comfortable Ball Tip Ends
Not just a boar bristle hair brush, this piece combines boar bristles with ionic ones to give your hair unbeatable shine, smoothness and volume. The bristles also have ball point tips to prevent snags and pulls, so you can style your hair comfortably.

Updated Ceramic Finish
Designed with the latest technology, this Olivia Garden ceramic hair brush heats up faster and stays hot longer, allowing you to create the look you want while also protecting your hair and giving it an expert-level long-lasting, natural finish.

Lightweight and Easy to Use
This hair brush has a snag-free ring at the base to keep brushing comfortable and to help prevent hair damage. The ergonomic handle and lightweight feel make for effortless styling, so you can get the perfect look every time.

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