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Passport PLEX 2 - Regenerating Cream | OYSTER

Passport PLEX 2 - Regenerating Cream | OYSTER

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Passport PLEX 2 Regenerating Cream.

When combined with Passport 1, creates the ulti­mate Demi-Permanent Reconstructing Treatment.

Bond-Building Reconditioning Treatment:

We recommend combining 10g/ml (.4oz) of Passport 1 with 15g/ml (.5oz) of Passport 2 and then applying it to the hair. Process for 20 minutes without heat and then shampoo/condition like normal.



• For Passport formulation purposes 1g = 1ml

• All measurements are based on color/lightener without developer.

• Passport is compatible with all color lines

• We DO recommend increasing the developer by one level in order to achieve maximum lift.

• Passport 1 and 2 (Demi-Permanent Reconstructing Treatment) can be used on all hair types after every chemical service

Warning: This product is intended for professional use only. We advise you not to buy this product unless it is to be applied by a licensed profesional stylist. It can cause serious injury to scalp and damage hair if applied incorrectly.
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