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Professional performance and natural delicacy, the harmonious fusion of these two souls is called Cutinol. The evolution of the traditional curative concept is a revolutionary line for:

Functionality- limited type of products for an easy use, divided into categories to be used in synergy to achieve at the best maximum results.

Efficiency- in improving the skin and hair appearance.

Pleasant feeling- thanks to its calibrated foaming and texture, and eco friendly, thanks to the presence of herbal complex and vitamin supplements.

Technology, nature and the experienced of Oyster Professional: this is Cutinol.

Cutinol (13)

Rebirth Mask


Rebirth Serum


Curly Mask


Rebirth Shampoo


Color Up Mask


Color Up Shampoo


Curly Shampoo


Repair with REBIRTH (Set)


Color Up Spray (Discontinued)


Amplifier Shampoo (Discontinued)


Stardust Shampoo


Be Cool Lotion